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From vinegar makers to winemaker

An inherited passion


From vinegar makers to winemaker

Formerly vinegar makers in Courtemont-Varennes, the Ledernez family is closely linked to the wine world at the beginning of the 19th century.


La Grapillère was born

In 1966, with the participation of Camille Ledernez, La Grapillère was born ... This Union of committed Winegrowers provide them financial and material means to press and vinify their harvests in the greatest respect for the Champagne tradition and environmental values.


Year of installation

In 1976, Bernard Camus and Lucette Ledernez settled down with 25 ares of vines, 2 hectares of orchards and 7 hectares of crops. Passionate about their work, they expanded their farm and kept their cultural diversity.


Year transmission

In 2004, they transferred their exploitation of 2 hectares of vineyards and 23 hectares of land to their daughter Eve. A new life begins for her and her husband Gérard, both passionate about horseriding.


Launch of the brand

Champagne Eve des Rêves is born. A culmination, a challenge that was close to our hearts and that perpetuates this family history which is dear to us.


Year of certification

We are very proud to receive a double label: the VDC (Viticulture Durable en Champagne) and the HVE-3 (Haute Valeur Environnementale).

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